Michael On Everything Else


I am playing with Wires-X a lot lately (mostly trolling, but some contacts/radio-checks). I purchased a ZUMspot hotspot so I can connect from our temporary living quarters; a hotel room until we find a house and our household goods arrive from Indonesia.

I’m also running APRS but there aren’t a lot of digipeaters in downtown Portland. There are a few around the greater metropolitan area so you may catch me running errands or househunting or hiking. One thing I try to do when scouting neighborhoods while house-hunting is to try to activate local repeaters, APRS, and Wires-X from that neighborhood, just to see what I couold expect if we buy there.


I managed to get a beacon off from Pittock Mansion while we hiked lower Macleay Park to Pittock recently:

I was also able to connect to WA7BND/R Repeater using C4FM and getting Wires-X working. I made a good contact from there. I tried CQ on 146.52 MHz simplex but no joy. It’s a shame, it should have been shooting fish in a barrel from there:

Portland viewed from Pittock Mansion