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About the site

I needed a space to talk first and foremost about our move to Singapore but also to talk about anything else that may not be appropriate in the context of my startup; Oil Slick Coffee.

The blog is generated by Jekyll, a static site generator, instead of Wordpress, which I've used for years—and keep my coffee blog on it still. With this site, I wanted to try something new and I usually like to get my hands dirty and muck with things and with Jekyll I have more flexibility for mucking around.

The blog is hosted by Amazon S3. I typically use vim or brackets to create content in both markdown and HTML, use Jekyl to render it all into flat web pages, then I use the s3_website tool to push the changes to S3.

The fact that the site is all static, flat-files makes for a very fast web site. With Wordpress you have a database back-end that has to be polled every time you change the view (view a different web page) but with Jekyll, it's all flat files that are generated each time I commit a change. When you come to visit the site, the content is already generated so all S3 has to do is serve you the pages as you request them. Pretty geeky and very fast.

About the owner

I am a techie-turned-coffee-nerd. In a previous life I was a senior manager for a tech team at a leading architecture firm but grew tired of the soul-sucking life in a cubicle and decided to follow my passion for coffee by establishing a roasting startup Oil Slick Coffee.

Within a year of starting that venture, Marie, my fiancé got a promotion that took us to Singapore where we currently live.

The primary reason for this site is for me to bloviate on life. Facebook has become a time-suck and frankly most of the content there isn't very useful. That doesn't mean I don't post drivel to Facebook myself. It just means I need to control my time spent there.

I'd love to hear from you and in this "Post-Snowden" age, I have enabled you to send me a secure message.

Obtaining my GPG key
GPG Fingerprint: 3B21 775B 4A6C F026 C03A 7B2F C4A2 FD1F 3920 83BF
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