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Eagle Creek to Punchbowl Falls Trail

Trailhead: 45.64041034235499, -121.92661004538331
Voice Cellular Coverage: Partial-to-none
Data Cellular Coverage: Partial-to-none
Cellular Provider: Verizon
APRS coverage: None

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We did this hike with friends and everyone enjoyed it. This is definitely one of our favorites. There are a few portions where it could be challenging if you are affraid of heights. There are cable holds provided in those stretches.

I read in someone’s review on AllTrails that they counted 34 water falls along the trail and I believe it. The hike follows Eagle Creek valley and with the snow melt, we could see the waterfalls on both sides of the valley.

The valley makes it difficult to get cell or radio reception. For long stretches there was no service at all. I also didn’t successfully get an APRS beacon out to anyone.

We took the hike the day before Easter and it was quite busy. There was a group of guys that came to kayak down Eagle Creek. They put-in near the punchbowl so they have to carry their kayaks and gear from the same trailhead. That looked like fun!

Eagle Creek Valley Passing under a waterfall One of the stretches with a steep drop

You can also see evidence of the 2017 Eagle Creek Fire:

Evidence of the 2017 forest fire Fire damage

You can hear the punchbowl before you reach it. Unlike the other waterfalls, this one produces a deep bass sound from the water crashing into the bowl.

Approaching the punchbowl Stairs down to the punchbowl The punchbowl

Some pictures of the return:

Three or four waterfalls? Watch your step Passing under again