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If A Tree Falls In The Woods...

Two weeks ago we had a storm come through with enough wind to blow down one of our cherry trees. Unfortunately, it was a cherry tree with nine trunks (nine!).

Pictured below is the tree the day of the storm:

Fallen cherry tree, day 1 Fallen cherry tree, day 1

The first picture shows six trunks with one fallen into one neighbor’s yard behind us and one fallen into our yard (leaning on another tree). The second picture, on the right, shows three trunks that fell into our other neighbor’s yard beside us.

Overnight, three trunks that were resting on the fence fell into the back-neighbor’s yard:

Fallen cherry tree, day 2 Fallen cherry tree, day 2

The remaining, unsupported trunk was now angled in a way that if it fell, it looked like it would come down on the neighbor’s deck. So I put some tension on it with a come-along in hopes that if it fell, it would land in their yard instead of on their deck:

Fallen cherry tree, day 2 Fallen cherry tree, day 2

We hired a tree service to come out the following Monday and remove and chip all the branches and cut all the trunks into chop-able sections. I then spent the next few days stacking the cut sections and dismantling the fence in hopes of reusing as much wood as possible.

Slowing stacking the wood Anyone need some cherry wood?

In the picture of the stacked wood, you can see the cores of some of the trunks were rotting. Some of them had become hollow. It was only a matter of time…

I have all of the fence planks stacked in our garage where they can dry. What can’t be used to repair the fence will eventually be used to build a wood rack for a more appropriate and permanent storage of all that wood.

The good news is our fire pit will have plenty of fuel next year!