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Roadtrip Teaser

I just returned from a three week road trip from Portland, Oregon to Peru, Indiana, to Danville Kentucky, then back to Portland. The goal was to collect the remaining household goods that family members had graciously held for us while we lived in Asia. I timed the trip to coincide with my niece’s wedding and that was fun re-connecting with a lot of family and meeting new additions to the extended family.

I camped each night at a KOA campground on the east-bound trip. As cousin Nate says; the trip there was a speedrun.

Tent camping in Montana
Three Forks KOA Journey, in Three Forks, Montana.

I took more time on the trip back west, to see some sites. Because it was October by the time I returned, many campgrounds west of Nebraska, into the Great Plains, were closed for the season. So I stayed in cabins instead. I had a great time and the cabins are such a great idea. I used Recreation.gov to find and reserve them and the process was pretty easy (more on that later).

I plan to edit and organize the videos into something more consumable. For now, here are two teasers:

I was using a GoPro 10, which has multiple mics on it (in front and back). So this video starts muffled as the GoPro shifts mics to where it detects my voice (behind it). The image stabilization programmed into the 10 is great. In this video I’m holding the camera in my mand:

This second video was just to show how monotonous eastern Montana can be. This is I-90, West-bound. The road just stretches on for miles ahead of you.

More to come. Stay tuned!