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Ain't no Arborist

One of the trees in the back 40 has a significant droop. The previous owner tried to stake it with wooden stakes but didn’t get the stakes deep enough. By the time I found it, both stakes had been ripped out of the ground and were laying on the tree.

Typically this kind of work should be done closer to winter, when the tree goes dormant. I didin’t want the tree to collapse before then.

Gangster lean Make it dip 🎶 Mise-en-scène Bowline Trucker’s hitch Done

I used the tree-savers they used previously and also they left behind the steel fence posts. I drove one in before realizing it was backwards; I wanted the spine to be away from the tree to hold the rope from sliding up the pole. I’ll pull that unused post out once I get a come-along or I may try with a truck jack. I drove the post at an angle away from the tree, like you would a tent stake. That should help resist the pull of the tree.

I used a trucker’s hitch to wench the tree. It gives a 2:1 mechanical advantage and was all I needed to get the trunk closer to upright. I’ll let it grow like this for maybe a year and wench it down tighter next winter. I didn’t want to stress the tree too much and I’m not sure how much they originally pulled on it before me.