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The Latest On Our Move

We are putting the finishing touches on the 5th and 6th rooms to be painted. It sounds like a lot, but we used only three different colors and technically four of the rooms could be categorized as two big rooms, separated only by use/intent of the room. 🤷 It still feels like a lot of painting.

The garden/lawn didn’t completely die from the handoff. There was a period, once the offer was accepted, that the sellers stopped taking care of the lawn and it was about a month from then that we moved in and then another week or two before we got around to focusing on garden and lawn care. Some of the grass is dead and many of the plants need dead-headed, etc. But all-in, I think we’ve saved the essence of what it was (which is still a good-looking space!).

Rosa chinensis Rosa gallica Rosa hybrida Rosa chinensis Rosa hybrida
Portland is called the City of Roses. It has ideal environment conditions to grow them and we adopted several, beautiful rose buses!

When we lived in Virginia—8, going on 9 years ago—I bought into the Dewalt battery system by buying a driver and drill set. At the time, it was only the early stages of the major tool manufactures’ learning how to lock customers in to their system. Now that shit is on steroids. Batteries for tools has become a major business model. Because of the large lawn, I invested in electric trimmers, weed whacker, and a lawn mower. The electric mower just sounds like a large fan on wheels and the batteries have so far lasted a full mowing of the front and back yard without a charge. The weed whacker seems to be the most demanding on the batteries.

Dewalt push mower Terraced lawn
The electric push mower is priced competitively with gas-powered units and getting two big batteries plus chargers with it was a bonus. Unfortunetly, there doesn't appear to be much weight savings when going electric.

The house was already wired for fiber optic Internet service, which made activation a breeze. I replaced the provider’s wireless access point with a nice pair of meshed units. I didn’t want to repeat the poor experience we had in Bali! We’re easily getting 500-600 Mbps now.

Amplifi alien access point

On Labor Day we drove to Multnomah Falls for a hike. We did the short version because we started hiking at 1p and it was hot and the first leg of the hike is quite steep. From July until Labor Day (but including Labor Day) you have to get whats called a timed parking pass to access the falls and the earliest pass available to us was 1p. Lesson learned; book in advance!

The hike was beautiful. The very beginning can be full of people, but I guess that only about 20% of all those people hike all the way to the Top Of The Falls point. Those that hike that far, gain 814 feet in elevation in about a mile. It’ll get your heart thumping!

View from the trailhead A good rest spot near Top Of The Falls Multnomah Creek as viewed from Top Of The Falls Top Of The Falls A small, feeder-fall before the big’n Union Pacific line

Our household goods are at least in US waters, just outside of Seattle. We were informed today it could still be two weeks or more before it clears customs and is shipped south to Portland. We (sort of) anticipated four months, but that doesn’t make it any easier!

But soon it will all be over and we’ll officially be Portlanders.