Michael On Everything Else

Almost there...

Last week we closed on the house and the transaction is recorded (completed) officially as of Friday. We got started immediately with prep-work for painting. The kitchen, living room, dining room, front room, and one of the spare rooms are all getting new paint. The sad thing is the sellers painted it to sell. If only they could have chosen more neutral colors! We knocked out the kitchen and living room (and did it with one gallon plus one tester).

The kitchen before we painted Prep, prep, prep The final color
Our choice of colors for the kitchen is limited by the color of the existing back-splash. We want to replace it and the countertops, but that will have to wait for other upgrades, like the main bathroom. The photos don't show the difference well. However, the new color has much less yellow in it and is lighter.

We chose what we thought was a light gray for the dining room and front room, but when I opened the paint after it had time to settle, I found it had too much pink or mauve in it. Good thing I discovered it before painting with it! Unfortunately, we can’t return it. If anyone wants a gallon of Behr, Rock Crystal, let one of us know. ツ

As of this writing our container of household goods is still bouncing around east Asia. It’s currently steaming along the coast of Chiba, Japan. It is in the fourth cargo ship since leaving Indonesia. It was delayed in Korea for two weeks. We’re hoping to have it by mid-September, but expect more delays.

We tried to time a new bed frame and matress set to be delivered to the house in time for us to move out of the hotel before our relocation package benefits run out. Marie’s employer graciously extended our stay to accomodate the delay of household goods. The bedframe was delivered and we got it assembled (those little allen wrenches that come with furniture to assemble it are such fun…). The mattress set was to be delivered yesterday, but the truck had an accident and that delayed the delivery by three days. Ugh.

We’re cutting it close! We have the hotel room officially until the end of June. Then we have to pay ourselves. 🤞

So we keep plugging along!