Michael On Everything Else

Offer Accepted

The new home

After a bit of back-and-forth negotiating the sellers agreed to an offer and we are moving forward with a property inspection! Hopefully all goes well and this one will be ours. I’ve visited the neighborhoods of 46 properties and the two of us toured 17. We were outbid on two properties so hopefully third time’s the charm!

Houses visited

We’ve already started talking about colors and upgrades. ツ

We managed to get a home inside the neighborhood we wanted (near Multnomah Village). We also were interested in several neighborhoods on the east side of Portland but it was much more difficult to find a property that checked enough boxes for us, such as two-car garage, central AC, good kitchen, etc. Most of the time on the east side the properties had very small kitchens, or no AC, etc. With this property we have a good outdoor space, a good kitchen, space for two offices, and a good open space between the kitchen and dining space. Not bad.

Start planning your visits!

Yesterday we took a roadtrip to Dundee to visit The Four Graces winery. It’s a nice little winery for a daytrip. We enjoyed some live music and a glass of their pinot blanc and brought a bottle home with us. 👍 It really is nice to be so close to so many outdoor activities!

four graces vinyard four graces vinyard