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Spontaneous RV Camping

Some friends who live in Seattle were camping in SW Washington, so we drove up to spend the day with them and ended up spending the night.

We originally planned to just hang out, go on a hike and head back to Portland but they talked us into staying. It was Fourth of July weekend, so the camp grounds were full. It was also chilly on the beach so we went to the local store and picked up some warm shirts. Now we’re blending…

The hike was nice. It was relatively short and very easy. The weather was less cooperative; overcast with occasional drizzles, but we still enjoyed it:

This was in Dead Man’s Cove:

All-in-all it was a good couple of days and a good break from the house-hunting. But now back to the grind. I’ve scouted the neighborhoods of 32 houses and Marie and I have been inside twelve. We made our first offer this past weekend but the “winner” offered more than $25k over listing price. There is some tough competition out there!

Here is the latest mapping of houses we’ve toured:

We’ve clearly zeroed in on an area we like! We’re trying to strike that balance between commute time and peace and quiet. Now to just find a house in there.