Michael On Everything Else

House-hunting and hiking

Before we left Bali we were in contact with a real estate agent who pointed us to a good app to use to find properties for sale. We started looking at houses early to get an idea of what is out there and for how much. It is a buyers’ market in Portland right now and there is a lot of properties available. We just need to find the right neighborhood and a house with the right combination of things we both like.

We visited four houses today; one pretty far north, one in southwest, one east, and one in south east. I’ve been driving neighborhoods trying to get a feel for places we’d like. We’re trying very hard to find the walkable neighborhood with the shortest commute into city center and that can be difficult.

Four houses visited, each in a differet neighborhood

After looking at properties we had a quick lunch and then drove to Washington Park. The trails are easy so I’d call it an outdoor walk instead of a hike. Many of the trails are paved so it’s a good park to just get outside and have a nice, green walk.

We paid $4 for two hours of parking. There is no entrance fee to the park. We asked for directions to find our car towards the end and the person recommended a bit more hiking to see Redwood Deck in the park. The deck is an overlook of an area with giant sequoias and the view is humbling!