Michael On Everything Else

November Updates

November is moving fast! We got through last month’s international travel unscathed. Our return to Indonesia was complicated but doable. The Indonesian government is, like the rest of us, making it up as they go along and our flow through the system at the airport was bearable. For the most part it just worked and all the QR codes were scanned as needed, rubber stamps stamped, etc., etc.

We only had a five-day quarantine in Jakarta. We originally needed to do eight days, but it was reduced while we were in the States and then later reduced after we left Jakarta, to just three days, which I believe is where it is at the time of this writing.

I’m back in the school routine. I have one class (plant propogation) that has a lab to do each week. The professor was kind enough to let me postpone labs while I was away. Now I have several labs running in parallel at the house and we’re running out of table space!

This is four labs when the picture was taken. There are now six

I’m cooking up a few ideas on what to do after graduation, which will be here soon! Of course I want to get back into coffee training. I met with someone in the States during our visit who works with an international coffee organization with a chapter in Indonesia. They expressed interest in me training sensory classes to their members and I’m excited about that. Hopefully more on that soon.

Stay tuned.