Michael On Everything Else

October Updates

This is a big month for us. We are traveling to the States to attend my daughter’s wedding and to visit friends and family. We will be visiting four states this trip: Indiana, Kentucky, Colorado, and Florida. We are very excited for a change in scenery and the opportunity to see friends and family we haven’t seen for over a year!

I am in my last semester of college and am enjoying the last semester. All four of the classes are horticulture or science-related and I am really enjoying them all.

In september I passed my Technician Class HAM radio license test. This is something I’ve been putting off for years. I bought my first radio (a little Yaesu VX-3 HT) probably 10+ years ago! Now I’m actually authorized to use it. 😉 I’ve applied for a vanity callsign so once it’s approved I’ll get a subpage set up for my HAM stuff. Once we return to Indonesia I’ll look into applying for reciprocity to operate in Indonesia.

On the coffee-front; I’m hoping that once I am done with school, I can get rolling again with training. It looks like I timed it almost perfectly, as we might see international travel restrictions in Asia loosening in the next few months!

I have an opportunity to participate in a very cool coffee research project and the trip to Colorado is for that opportunity. I hope to have more to report over on my coffee page soon, so keep an eye out there for an announcement.

Stay tuned to Radio Free Coffee!