Michael On Everything Else

January Updates

My school break has been relatively productive. First, while this blog has for a long time now been hosted on Amazon, it has existed merely as an S3 bucket. But over the break I took the time to get DNS services hosted by Amazon via Route53, get CloudFront set up, and both with the intention of utilizing one of Amazon’s free SSL certificates, which is now active and the default method of access. I want to do more with this site and part of that is to get rid of the “blog.XXX” scheme as I did with my coffee website. But that will likely happen later. I first need to really define what this place will be. Right now it’s just a catch-all for my ramblings, with very little direction or goal. And maybe that’s enough…maybe it isn’t. 🤷

I also started the shift to a new email provider for my primary work domain. For almost eight years I had been using a smaller provider based in Switzerland and was in general very happy with them. Their service just worked. But after setting up a service account with ProtonMail (also based in Switzerland) and seeing that they also will host custom domains, I decided to give them a try hosting my work/primary email domain. One of the benefits I hope to get is to more requently receive encrypted emails from other people. GPG just isn’t mainstream and is far too technical for the general public, but maybe ProtonMail is getting closer to mainstream and getting us closer to widespread use of encryption with email. Again, 🤷.

I also organized and cleaned-up my overall DNS situation. I have fifteen domains spread over three different registrars and four different DNS service-providers. The first thing I did was to organize it all into a spreadsheet and also jetison one of the service-providers (originally I had five). A lot—seven—of the domains are simply forwarded to my primary domain as part various ideas I’d like to eventually develop, while others were the result of me having an idea that I didn’t flesh out and may never (and I need to let those domains go for someone else to eventually use). For example, when new domains came out and .coffee was one of them, I knew there would be a rush on the good names so I registered a few that I thought I would eventualy use. I did the same with a couple of .training domains. Some of those domain names I’m effectively using, while others are currently place-holders for an idea.

Paying a yearly fee for a concept (a domain name) as a placeholder for an idea is certainly a first-world problem. Yet here I am.