Michael On Everything Else

December Updates

Just a navigational helper for the fat man in a red suit. I was actually playing with the app Nav Camera on my phone, love the app

I am now done with another semester in my pursuit of a Bachelor’s in Horticulture. I had a couple of courses this semester that were very helpful with my sense-making of 2020, namely a course in statistics and a course in plant physiology that covered, in part, PCR tests (not in context of testing for SARS-CoV-2, but still useful in understanding the test itself).

Now that I am on break, I am diving back into the Arduino builds. I have some repairs/tweaks on existing devices as well as a new build in mind. We visited the States just before Thanksgiving and I picked up several sensors, to include more robust soil sensors for the soil monitor and a couple of new air sensors. I’m looking forward to that. Yesterday I dusted off (literally) the soldering iron and fixed a blown Neopixel strip in my existing air quality sensor (note the strip is not pictured in that build article).

I also hope to do some work on this site. Namely more posts and possibly an upgrade in the URL. I want to move away from having “blog” in the URL and develop more of a home page. We’ll see if that happens. I also need to upgrade the OS on my laptop and that usually, temporarily breaks my ability to update my blogs until I can work through updating and fixing all the software involved in that.

Things are still quiet in Bali. The immigration office is still closed, so no new visas are being issued, at least no new tourist visas. But domestic tourism is picking up. Marie’s hotel is doing relatively good. Most of her guests are now domestic tourists and business travelers.