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GPG Updates

Update 2021-01-16: I recently changed email providers to ProtonMail so if you have a ProtonMail account, we’ll have encryption through PM. 👍

I’ve recently learned about and implemented a web key directory (WKD) for my GPG key. Now if an email sender uses the Web Key Service (WKS), the system will find my key for them automatically.

The reason this has become important is there was an attack on SKS key servers that made it obvious that they are prone to key poisoning. More info on the attack is here: SKS Keyserver Network Under Attack. From the executive summary: “The best mitigation that can be applied at present is simple: stop retrieving data from the SKS keyserver network.”

Obtaining my GPG key
GPG Fingerprint: 3B21 775B 4A6C F026 C03A 7B2F C4A2 FD1F 3920 83BF
Direct download