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Thanksgiving Smoked Bird 2017


This year’s smoked, Thanksgiving turkey was a success. The smokey flavor was just right. The last couple of birds have been slightly under-smokey so this year I tried using two different types of smoking wood: the usual large chunks of wood plus roughly two cups of Jack Daniels smoking chips that are made from their aging barrels.

I soaked the wood overnight and the water I poured off the JD chips definitely smelled like whiskey!

The cheapest 10-pounder I could find at Meijer (Meijer’s brand)

Dry rub:
Jane’s Krazy mixed up salt

Rubbed softened butter under skin

1/2 cup bourbon
1 quart apple cider
Several sprigs thyme
Mixed up salt

Four garlic/apple chicken sausages
quartered apple
1/2 onion, quartered

6-7 lbs lump charcoal
Seven big chunks apple wood (soaked for 8 hours, overnight)
~2 cups Jack Daniels barrel chips (soaked for 8 hours, overnight)

1 hour before putting in smoker, applied butter under skin and dry rub on outside.
Trussed bird

Smoked 3.75 hours.

Perfectly delicious. Juicy meat. Good, smokey flavor that was “just right.”

IMG_7551.JPG IMG_7552.JPG IMG_7553.JPG IMG_7554.JPG IMG_7560.JPG IMG_7568.JPG IMG_7569.JPG