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DIY Bench Light and Solder Fan

fan light

My latest arduino-based project is a bench light and exhaust fan to use when I am soldering.

Update April 8, 2017: I replaced the slide switch with an LED button from Adafruit. Unfortunately, I’ve somehow shorted it so the LED portion doesn’t work.

The brains of this project is a Metro Mini from Adafruit. They sent one for free in a large shipment of stuff and I just recently got around to using it.

The light is a 16-LED NeoPixel Ring also from Adafruit.

The fan is something I found at my favorite tech mall; Sim Lim Tower (not to be confused with the nearby Sim Lim Square, also a tech mall). It is a 5v, 50mm fan.

I’m running the Metro at 3.3v logic level and using a Power Boost 1000 to maintain the battery and to provide 5v to the power-hungry NeoPixels. The Metro runs 5v logic by default but I dropped it to 3.3v to reduce power consumption at idle. I utilize the Power Boost’s enable pin to turn 5v on and off.

The box is just a box I found at Muji. It would also work nicely for an Arduino Uno.

The smaller pushbutton does the following:

The larger pushbutton turns on the fan.

I had the fan shroud 3D-printed.

Things I still need/want to do with the project:

  1. Add a long-press function to the button to immediately shut off the light
  2. Add battery level indication via the ring

More photos:

switches fan light switches
Fully assembled, minus the fan and shroud
fan light circuit fan light circuit fan light circuit fan light circuit fan light circuit
The circuit before being mounted in the box
testing fit testing fit
Testing fan and shroud fitment within the box