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Smoked Duck

I smoked a duck for the Christmas meal this year rather than smoking a turkey (I roasted the turkey).

charcoal wood chips mis en place soaking wood chips trussed duck water feckin whisky smoker

The process I used for the duck was relatively simple and straight-forward:

6lb duck
1/2 onion in the cavity
2 cloves garlic in cavity
Liberally salt and pepper skin

5lbs of lump charcoal
Several chunks of store-bought hickory chunks

1.5 cups whisky in water
Thyme & marjoram in water

After two hours it started raining, which dropped the temperature of the smoker. After four hours of smoking, at which time the duck should have been close, if not done, I brought it inside and put it in the convection oven at 350° for another hour to finish it.

Here are my tips for a successful smoked bird: