Michael On Everything Else

Be A Rogue Thinker

It sounds like a great idea; being a Rogue Thinkertm, and while it may not be truly possible, I maintain it should still be one’s goal to be a Rogue Thinkertm.

According to Ludwik Fleck, a thought collective is

a community of persons mutually exchanging ideas or maintaining intellectual interaction (1935a, II.4). Members of that collective not only adopt certain ways of perceiving and thinking, but they also continually transform it—and this transformation does occur not so much “in their heads” as in their interpersonal space. (bold emphasis mine)


We can see that groupthink affects how we perceive reality as well as how we interpret, or think about reality. Groupthink happens in political parties, social parties, even between-and-among spouces. A short-hand of communication develops, in which the group codifies concepts so that they can easily reference these conceptual maps later. Due to the imprecision (insanity even) of the English language, it is very easy for these concepts to also become imprecise or insane over time.

In addition to shotty conceptual maps of reality, groupthink, if left unchecked becomes dogma:

The individual within the collective is never, or hardly ever, conscious of the prevailing thought style, which almost always exerts an absolutely compulsive force upon his thinking and with which it is not possible to be at variance (1935a, II.4).

Being a Rogue Thinkertm means first acknowledging that we all participate in groupthink. The next step is to aggressively challange any dogmatic groupthink we recognize in our own system of perceiving and thinking.

Be contrarian. Be Rogue.