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How To Crash Your Quad

Owning a quadcopter is like owning a motorcycle in that you are going to crash therefore, beforehand prepare yourself mentally so you can hopefully minimize damage to the copter or whatever it hits.

First thing to do when you crash your copter is cut off the throttle. The motors burn out quickly if they can not turn. You may also avoid breaking a prop.

Second thing to do is to leave the remote on so that it remains bound to the copter. This gives you options later — you can pulse the trottle to locate the copter or if you find that it is recoverable but out of reach, you can reorient yourself and fly out of the situation.

In the video below I was able to locate the copter and recover it because the remote was still on and bound.

Pictures from a previous crash:

I had to abandon the bumber because too many struts were broken and it was interferring with both flight and filming, so now my props are taking more of a beating. Luckily they are cheap.