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Butch's Garage Mixtape

Lots of great memories from Butch’s garage — he owns (owned?) the only dog I have met yet that I wouldn’t want to be alone with…Ceasar the rottweiler.

The garage was a three-bay affair, the walls covered with posters of motorcycles and posters of scantily clad women. There was a pond out back, stocked with bass and a troublesome beaver. There was also an abandoned Triumph near the woodpile. We were going to rebuild it for Rolling Thunder…but that never happened.

There was always great music playing and a fridge full of beer in Butch’s garage and you were always welcome to bring your bike and tinker. Just don’t get too close to Ceasar, if you value your limbs.

Side A

‘cause everything’s better with Steve McQueen:

Side B

Shit don’t change:

Love this song:

Can’t beat the Doobies: