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Trip to Sydney

I went to Sydney last week to attend a Q Grader course given at Single Origin Coffee Roasters. I didn’t see much because I was focused on the course, but I did manage to get to Deus Cafe, a long time goal of mine and a cafe I’ve been following online for several years.

Deus Café sits alongside its sexier sister store, Deus Ex Machina, like an oasis on an otherwise stark strip of Parramatta Rd.

This double frontage Temple Of Enthusiasm is bound by Lyons Rd and Barr St, (our carpark for evening diners is located in Barr St ) is a beacon for those looking for an interesting way to spend some time and even less money. Food, art, music, surfboards, motorbikes, inappropriate movies, swapmeets and hip clothing, are all under one roof and brought to you by the godfather of fun Dare Jennings.

Here are the few pictures I took on the trip.

This first group is from Single Origin Coffee’s Roast Works in Botany:

The next group of pictures is from Deus Cafe and one bike I saw on the street. Sydney has a great motorbike culture, especially cafe-racers.

And lastly, the requisite pictures of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge: