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Deus Ex Machina: Mixtape

I’ll start by saying this is not even close to being safe for work. If your boss or that pain in the ass co-worker likes to peek into your cubicle at the most inopportune moment, save this one for watching at home. The two potentially-offensive videos are at the end of the post.

Subtitled “Dirt and Grit,” this is one of my longest-running (13 hours, 44 minutes) and longest-updated (started in 2008 and on-going) playlists, the inspiration for which is music I’d imagine hearing in a cafe-racer themed cafe, such as Deus Cafe.

The Winter Doldrums Mixtape was based off this playlist.

Side A

We stumbled on these guys in Cork, Ireland and they’re from Brown County Indiana. The are great live…some incredible energy from Rev.

I got a love that keeps me waitin’

That lady’s shakin’, backbone breakin’

If you haven’t seen the movie Searching For Sugar Man, you’re missing out…

Drinking from a Judas cup, looking down but seeing up, sweet red wine
‘cause pappa don’t allow no new ideas here
and now you hear the music, but the words don’t sound too clear

Tom Waits. ‘nuff said.

Neal was at the wheel putting everyone in stitches
braggin about some nurse he screwed while driving through Nebraska,
when she came she honked the horn and Neal just barely missed a drunk.

Side B

Classic bearded men:

You might recognize the lead singer and bassist’s style here, it’s a spin-off of the Afghan Whigs:

Gotta launder my karma…

These aren’t the Beatles your parents knew:

down in Lousiana, where the alligators grow so mean,
there lived a girl that I swear to the world, made the alligators look tame…

Big thanks to Gord C. for turning me on (to the video)…

Massive Attack Paradise Circus Zeds Dead.mp4 - YouTube from puc puc toxico on Vimeo.

And while we’re down here in the gutter, here’s a bonus track…another Gord C. special:

Now let your tiger out…

Daisy Lowe for UK esquire HD from Greg Williams on Vimeo.