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Green Architecture: SOTA

I came across the School of the Arts, Singapore or SOTA today and was very impressed with it.

The building was designed by WOHA, a local architecture practice. Design elements in the building are intended to address problems of sustainability through use of open spaces creating natural ventilation and extensive greenery use instead of glass as a protective skin.

From Wiki:

By opening up the elements of the building and creating natural ventilation, WOHA were proposing a new model for tropical architecture and a passive, structural solution to the problems of sustainability. These ideas were subsequently adapted to a series of completed apartment towers and public buildings, notably Newton Suites and the School of the Arts in Singapore...
School of the Arts, Singapore. Image: Katmorro

I was too close to the building and didn’t have my SLR to get a decent picture of the whole building. The picture above is from wiki. However, the pictures below may help give you an idea of the use of greenery in the architecture. I particularly like the tree that seemingly grows out of the steps and reaches up to support the front of the building.