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Today's Espresso Run

The destination for today’s espresso run was Revolution Coffee. One of the things on the shelves at Revolution is a HotTop roaster, the same model roaster on which I started learning. That got me talking to the owner who turns out to be a great guy. One of the things I often tell Marie is how pleasantly surprised I continue to be at just how friendly and open people are in the coffee industry! It’s such a stark comparison to the last industry in which I worked; information technology.

Anyway, the walk there took me along Temasek golf club, billed as “one of the greenest and quietest spots left in Singapore.” Pictures to follow…

One of the interesting things about the walk is that I passed a Masjid, a church, and a temple. The picture of the church and temple is composed poorly. I didn’t have much choice due to bad angle. But in the second picture below, to the right of the church, you can see the spire of a Hindu temple.

If you know the names of any of the plants or trees, please drop a line in the comments section. Thanks!

masjid mujahidin

To get to Revolution Coffee, go to the front of Infinite Studios: