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A Digital Life

I’ve been on the look-out for proper “G” style plugs for our Apple devices. There are no Apple stores here, but plenty of authorized resellers. Unfortunately, none that I’ve found so far have just the plug piece that goes onto the brick of an Apple laptop power supply (see first picture below). But my search ended today. After talking to someone at a coffee shop, he recommended Funan Digitalife Mall.

Electronics galore!

I not only found the USB charger, but they also had the plugs for Apple devices. And the really good news, the USB charger is 2.1 amps, which means it charges twice as fast as the little square plugs you get with the iPhone and it sits more flush to the wall socket and the wire doesn’t project straight out from the wall (see second picture below).

As my friend Bret likes to say…Boom!

G-plug, USB charger, Funan Mall outside, Funan Mall inside