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Today's Espresso Run

I returned to Bugis today because I was told there was great shopping and I also wanted to return for a bowl of stewed frog…yum.

Before I went, I met Catherine for a coffee at Oroma. The espresso was good and since I was early I also had a siphon of their Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. It was my first time having Blue Mountain and I was a bit underwhelmed. Not sure if it’s a case of Blue Mountain just not being that spectacular or if it was just this particular preparation.

Bugis street Fruit stand stewed frong Juice stand siphon coffee
Bugis street, fruit stand, stewed frog, one of many fresh juice stands, and a siphon preparation

Feng shui plays a big role in architecture here. The gap between the two buildings in the picture below is to allow the dragon to pass. Some buildings will have large gaps or holes intentionally included in the design.

dragon gates