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Picture Ketchup

I’m behind on posting pictures, so here’s my picture catch-up.

Last Saturday we met some new friends near Chinatown. We went back to a great area Catherine and Kevin showed us, called Club Street. At night they close off the street to cars and fill it with tables and chairs from the restraunts and the “ughntzz, ughntzz” music fills the air (though it still has to compete with the humidty). Anyway, we went there for lunch on Saturday then on Sunday, we went to Sentosa, a resort islet in the south of Singapore (see map below).

More pictures of Chinatown
A panoramic view from the W Singapore hotel, a bucket-o-mussels at Brussels Sprouts

And lastly, yesterday I missed my stop on the train and I ended up at Newton Circus, which has one of Singapore’s more famous hawker centers so I stopped for lunch. The couple we met for lunch on Saturday recommended the BBQ Stingray and it was awesome.

BBQ Stingray and a hawker stand

Sentosa is an islet connected by a small bridge to the main island: