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Found An Apartment

We’ve decided on an apartment and have made a bid. Fingers crossed!

Getting an apartment works a bit differently here. First of all, both the landlord and the potential tennant have agents that work together. Usually the landlord pays his agent and his agent “co-brokes” or co-brokers with the tennants agent, splitting the commision.

We’re responsible for an earnest deposit of one-month’s rent, plus we have to put up the first and last month’s rent before we move in, making it a bit expensive just to get in (when rent is over $4k/month).

The location is great — it’s a ten minute walk to the river with a great night-life. The apartment is a ground floor flat with a very large patio. It’s a reduction in floor space so we’re taking advantage of the opportunity to down-size our life a bit. It’s amazing just how fast you can acquire “stuff” to fill a home (though I already miss my garage).

iPad menu at eM, outdoor seating at eM, Singapore River, the patio