Michael On Everything Else

Slowly Settling

We’re slowly settling in and getting things in order.

Marie had her first day at work and I had my first day out exploring alone. I went to Toby’s Estate Cafe, even though the weather was forboding. The espresso was excellent and it was roasting day, so I watched the guys run a few roasts. The shop is decorated in a way that clearly indicates Toby is an afficianado. I look forward to many returns!

We have an appointment on Wednesday to pick up our work permits. Well, her work permit and my dependent’s pass. I won’t get to work on my visa until I get it changed to either a work or entrepeneur’s visa. I’m still working out what I’ll be doing here. The specialy coffee scene here is in it’s infancy so there’s a massive opportunity to get in on the ground floor. The question is in what capacity. TBD

A Buddhist temple along the way to Toby’s Estate:

Coffee roasting at Toby’s Estate:

A really bad picture of a really bad-ass espresso machine; a Spirit Triplette: