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We rented a BMW R1200 GS last weekend and went to see friends in Virginia Beach.

One of the down-sides of having a GPS in your phone is that you don’t remember how to get somewhere once you’ve used the GPS. There was no place on the bike to mount my phone securely and I figured I could remember the route, which was easy enough. The original route took us down highway 17, a lazy route perfect for a bike ride, which would be nearly a straight shot into VA Beach (remember that “straight shot” bit).

Once we realized things didn’t look right, we used Marie’s phone to get back on US 95…a much faster and more trafficed route. However, it isn’t a straight shot.

I was enjoying the ride so much I missed another turn and didn’t realize it until we had crossed the North Carolina state line.

The detour added two hours onto our trip, making it a total of six hours so we were ready to get off that bike when we made it to our friends’ house.

To remedy the problem on the way back, we implemented an older version of the GPS:

paper gps

This system got us back home along a very enjoyable route (note, the map likley shows we used US 95 but we actually used 17):

bike plus riders

And we couldn’t resist the #selfie:

silly selfie