Michael On Everything Else


Marie received her work permit and we have the house officially on the market. Wanna buy it?

What we’ve accomplished so far:

The house is officially listed

We spent all day Saturday cleaning and de-cluttering the house. The real estate agent had us remove all personal pictures and nearly everything from countertops, dressers, etc. This is to allow people to envision their things in the house instead of looking through our things trying to see what kind of people we are. Let’s hope it works!

The dog has visited the vet

Getting Jake to Singapore is going to be a trick. Singapore is very strict about rabbies vaccination. Not only does he have to be up to date on his current vaccination status, along with recent titers, but he’ll receive another rabbies vaccine upon entering Singapore. Once I get his shots and tests up to date and we have plan tickets (to determine the date we’ll arrive) I’ll reserve a spot for him in their quarantine fascility in Singapore.

There he’ll stay for 10 days while they observe him and poke him with more vaccines. Oye, the life of a dog.

There have been a couple hits on the roaster

The roaster is still listed. I’m currently running ads on Google and also on Craigslist to get it sold. However, we also may be able to ship it to Singapore with our household goods and have the shipping company store it there. That would allow me to market myself as a roaster with a roaster. =)

Next steps

Our next steps are to get the house sold, further thin-out our stuff (damn we collected a lot of shit!), get some things to storage, and start planning what we’ll be packing to fly with us. Oh, and we need to drink a lot of liquor to get rid of it!