Michael On Everything Else

Beginning Appointments

We’ve started making appointments to receive estimates from moving companies.

We also have an appointment with the realator agent who helped us buy the house originally. Things are starting to happen!

I’ve also started consolidating data I have scattered across several external USB drives. I’m consolidating it all on one disk that will be encrypted using Truecrypt, one of my favorite (and free) encryption utilities. My main concern of course is the drives getting stolen and my data landing in the wrong hands since I’m also scanning important paper documents as well.

One of the cooler external drives I have is an old drive enclosure that performs hardware encryption on any drive you can fit in it. You get two firewire keys, one as a spare. When you insert the keys into the drive, it decrypts the volume for you so you don’t have to know a password. The encryption is realtively weak, at 40bits DES encryption, but it will certainly stop amateurs. One solution is to use Truecrypt to encrypt data on the drive, so you get double encryption.