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My Macro-Laws

This page is the start of a new project of identifying my macro-laws, or my beliefs. The idea for this project came from first reading Tiago Forte’s post at ribbonfarm titled Meta-Skills, Macro-Laws, and the Power of Constraints and then from there reading Buster Benson’s Codex Vitae.

Macro-laws are defined by Tiago as:

If meta-skills are the tools of survival, helping you stay alive long enough to find shelter, food, and water, then macro-laws are the map you’ll need to find your way to more interesting places.

But this isn’t a map of some external terrain. It is a map of one’s own self-knowledge.

And the goal of this project “is to define the direction of further study by “picking out a range of situations that occur frequently or involve possibilities that lever the system onto new paths.” Put another way, we are trying to “‘tune’ the constraints supplied by the new laws so that the study concentrates on interesting domains not easily apprehended or explored in the original setting.””

To wit, below are some of my more important beliefs, broken down into semi-rigid domains:

The Human Condition


Quotes for Morality

Segregating any class or race of people apart from the rest of the people kills the progress of the segregated people or makes their growth very slow...

(Richard Henry Pratt)


Second Amendment


Personal Health

Quotes for Health

Your body and mind are connected. Your emotions are influenced both by your thinking and by how your body feels.

(Cernovich, 2015)

Remind yourself that how you feel is a choice you make.

(Cernovich, 2015)

The time in the gym should be used to build strength, not demonstrate it.

(Carter, 2013)

80% of the workouts we do are just run of the mill, get the work in kind. 10% will suck, and 10% will be king kong sessions.

...The truth is, stacking a metric ton of 80% sessions together is the best way to make fantastic progress. It’s called consistency. And it is the real king of the jungle in terms of training effectiveness.

(Carter, 2013)

Work Ethic

Quotes for Work

Productive work is the road of man’s unlimited achievement and calls upon the highest attributes of his character: his creative ability, his ambitiousness, his self-assertiveness, his refusal to bear uncontested disasters, his dedication to the goal of reshaping the earth in the image of his values.

(Rand, 1964)

“Productive work” does not mean the unfocused performance of the motions of some job. It means the consciously chosen pursuit of a productive career, in any line of rational endeavor, great or modest, on any level of ability.

(Rand, 1964)

through his work man gains his basic sense of control over existence—his sense of efficacy—which is the necessary foundation of the ability to enjoy any other value.

(Rand, 1964)


Major changes are documented here, in order to track changes in my view of the world over time.

July 18, 2016: Added sections titled “Work Ethic” and “Quotes for Work”

July 24, 2016: Added section titled “Quotes for Health”

August 17, 2016: Added section titled “Quotes for Morality”


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