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Desert Hiking

The following is an entry in one of my journals I unpacked recently (we just moved into a new place). I have more pictures from that trip than what are below but I’d need to find them and they are likely on DVDs.

The goal of the hike was to get into a place called Mike’s Canyon in Utah. Jay, Luke’s father had, for years, wanted to get in to the canyon to pan for gold. We did finally get into Mike’s Canyon the next year, but we didn’t stay long enough for Jay to do any panning.

An aside; I still have the same Asolo hiking boots I bought for this trip and they are still great. They’ve been all over the world and only repaired once now, in a market in Vietnam:

Day 2, 9/1/07

We got up before sunrise today and I got several pictures of the sunrise. Before we all got up, Jay and Ceicil had gotten up and talked and decided we shouldn’t attempt it due to the weather. They were justifiably concerned about flash floods. Luke managed to convince them that we should at least go investigate so we compromised and agreed to just scout the area.

We were off on the 4 wheelers by 0800. It took 2 hours to get 10.2 miles in before he had exhausted the ATV route and had to hike. By noon we were into some stress climbing. Within an hour we had bitten off more than we could chew and people were huffin’ and puffin’. We got within 20 verticle feet of the saddle we needed to cross before agreeing we needed to turn back. About half way through the ATV route back, Ceicil said he felt nauseous. Within 45 minutes he had all the signs of heat exhaustion so we found some shade and parked for about 45 minutes before moving on.

Once we got back to our bivouac we piled in the rental and took him to get some ice.

The altitude definitely had an effect on me, as well as everyone else.