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Wynton Marsalis on Race Relations

An interview by Jonathan Capehart on his podcast; Cape Up.

Talking about recent racial instances in the news and more importantly how rap and hip-hop contribute to the decline of a culture:

“[S]ad part of racism is not anything to do with some guys in Starbucks or President Trump or…the sad thing has to do with how the education system has been hijacked, how money has been dispersed to people for saying they’re kids are special-ed kids, how we’ve lost a grip on our morality in the black community, and we’ve allowed ourselves to be productized and just everything we put out is a product for everyone’s entertainment, including our own, using pornography and profanity and addressing ourselves in the lowest, most disrepesctful form.”


“There’s a question of us realizing our potential as a world, to collaborate with each other, because that’s the new thought, is even less black/white; just the world itself. Man, we have unlimited opportunities to collaborate with each other, and the collective creativity of the world is unbelievable—the power of it. If we could ever even think for a second man; ‘how can we unleash this.’”

Do listen to the whole thing. Half-way through he explains a little about how he composes music and after that he expands more on the loss of drums in favor of a drum machine in modern music and what that means.